About us

'Movieworks' is a new initiative based in Sheffield, UK to support independent film-makers from the Sheffield region.

It provides a new business model for independent film makers and significant opportunities & generous tax benefits for private equity investor funding. Movieworks delivers film projects on a commercial basis providing improved rewards for both film makers and investors. The rewards of independent film investment can be extensive with the unique engagement with and ownership of the films. Potential investors are always welcome to contact us using the details below.

Movieworks is committed to protecting independent film makers rights and control of their films.

Movieworks has been created to support existing and emerging independent film talent in producing full features, giving it a real opportunity to show what it can do. 'Movieworks' is dedicated to promoting the best of independent film and so all projects are rigorously assessed before acceptance.

The Movieworks project is also supported by pledgers who can make small weekly pledges which seed fund new projects by emerging and talented film makers. As some of the film profits are put back into Movieworks, the intention is for Movieworks to become self-financing within a number of years.

Movieworks has developed new technologies and facilities to help finance, promote and market independent films. These include an impulse-buy purchase method that takes only a few seconds and the film continues automatically. The purchaser may continue watching on other devices such as mobiles, tablets, PC's and TVs. Purchases are also possible using conventional methods such as credit cards.